Our range of Bags are designed and made tough to withstand the rough use they are often subjected to in the field. They are sourced from various suppliers that are recognised for their attention to detail, high standard of quality and practical experience. We are also able to have bags designed and made to suit a specific purpose – please contact us for further information.



Pod Mesh Bag

Designed to let air circulate through the tought mesh at the base allowing rope to “Breathe” or dry if it is put away damp.

Drawstring closure. Variety of colours available.






Small Tool & Bolt Bag

Small Tool Bag (Orange)

Designed to attach to Harness for ease of access. Drawstring Closure. Variety of colours available.

Bolt Bag (Blue/Orange)

Designed to be worn diagonally across the body leaving hands free – strap is adjustable also loop for attachment to harness.. Drawstring closure. Variety of colours available.



Rope Bag – Duffel bag type

Designed to be worn as a back pack, it has adjustable shoulder straps and comes in 50m, 75m and 100m options (allowing for Harness, Helmet etc as well as the rope).

Drawstring closure. Variety of colours available.




Rope Bag – Sports bag type

Handles go right around under bag for added strength and support. Extended handle length means the bag can be carried over the shoulders.

End seams are bound with webbing for extra strength.

Heavy duty double zip allowing ease of access and fitting

of a padlock.

End loops for dragging and/or attachment of accessories.

Variety of colours available.