Static and Dynamic Ropes

A wide range of specialist climbing rope is carried in stock. See our staff for more information.
Gleistein Geostatic Rope – Static

Gleistein Geostatic Rope

EN 1891 certified, Type A low stretch kernmantle static ropes

Delivering high-performance with low elongation characteristics, Gleistein Ropes introduces its latest innovation: the new GeoStatic NE series. It is specifically designed for applications where static ropes are essential, including abseiling, personal security or rescue purposes. Available in a choice of diameters (9, 11 and 12mm), each GeoStatic NE rope bears the CE mark and is certified according to EN 1891 Type A “Low Stretch Kernmantle Ropes”. The complete range of these high-quality static ropes is available now in a variety of colours subject to availability.

Gleistein Raasta Rope – Dynamic

Raasta Rope

Top-of-the-range mountain, sport and indoor climbing ropes. Highly elastic stretch attributes to safely arrest shock loads. They boast an extremely abrasion resistant cover.

Climbing ropes are subjected to constant movement and repositioning. At the decisive moment, they must also be able to effectively catch a falling person – thereby absorbing the resulting shock load to avoid personal injury and go easy on fittings and mountings. Our dynamic ropes are made in accordance with the DIN EN 892 standard.

Donaghys Armor-Prus Prussik Line


At long last, a prusik line that will last.  A unique cover blend of Technora and polyester acts like Armor over a core of light weight Spectra® 900/Kevlar.

  • Blended Technora cover to prevent melting and glazing
  • Very low stretch
  • Technora is rated 234°C higher than standard polyester
  • Easy to splice
  • Meets ITCC climbing comp rules
  • Available in 8mm & 10mm
Response XT

Response XT

Response® and Response XT® static braids are certified to Australian and International standards, ensuring peace of mind in any appropriate industrial, rescue or recreational sporting application. 

The braids feature a kernmantle, parallel core with plaited protective jacket construction.  Some braids feature high visibility technology with distinctive colour and fleck options for easy recognition of size or exclusive pattern allocation by client.

  • AS4142.3 & EN1891 compliant
  • Response XT® has an added heat setting, pre-shrink process
  • Features certification tracer thread, coloured year of manufacture marker with batch coding on every spool
  • Available in 6mm to 16mm diameter in various colour options

Download Fact Sheet:
Response® Technical and Usage Information (526KB)
Response® Certification Specifications (559KB)