Third ACME for Stewart Logging.

Grant and Loryn Stewart from Stewart Logging have recently taken delivery of their third ACME carriage. Grant runs the new S228 carriage close to 100% of the time, working with a Madill 172 and Fortronics electronic chokers. Matty Stewart is driving the hauler and loves his new beast, particularly the new side roller system which makes bridling easier in the demanding Gisborne country. Pictured left to right: Matt, Jason, Grant, Josh, Glenn, Dan, Alyse, Mark, Jack, Charlie and Nate. 


Tokoroa legends Mike (Smiley) & Ange Alexander from Fast Harvesting have recently taken delivery of a new ACME s28. The carriage is working with their Brightwater BE85, in combination with Fortronics electronic chokers. The ACME is helping crew 47 log around the rocky bluffs and broken country typical in Kinleith. The electronic chokers have also been a welcome addition to the crew, helping to eliminate men from the hazardous chute area.  Photographed with Pete Campbell (foreman) and the crew.

ACME for Stubbs Contracting

Robert Stubbs from Stubbs Contracting has added a new ACME S28 to his operation in Gisborne. The carriage is working with electronic chokers, and a Brightwater BE85 hauler. Robert purchased the ACME to give his breakout team more options, and to help tame the tough Gisborne country. Pictured with Snow (on the left) and the crew. Sale by Carey Searle from Shaw’s Wire Ropes.

ACME for Mitchell Logging

Graham Mitchell Logging Ltd have recently put a new ACME S28 Shackle Top to work in the Marlborough region. Graham choose the ACME to reduce skyline shifts, and to provide the break out team with more bridling options. The carriage will be pulling large piece size timber with a Madill 046 in the steep and broken hills of Marlborough. Sale made by Carey Searle from Shaw’s Wire Ropes, pictured with Graham Mitchell. 

Purpose Built Fuel Transport Tanks

Shaw’s Wire Ropes have introduced Scepter Duramax  fuel transport tanks to the New Zealand logging market. The transport tanks are perfect for logging contractors looking for a cost effective UN & AS/NZ standard compliant fuel tank, with most forest owners no longer accepting traditional steel drums. 

The tanks are purpose built for logging, and feature a 53 litre capacity, internal baffles, strapping indents, two shut off valves, and a fuel hose and nozzle. The tanks can be used to transport chainsaw fuel when positioned either upright or laid flat, which is handy for fitting into bush vans and utes. Give the Shaw’s team a call to discuss your requirements. 

New Hauler Production Diary

The team at Shaw’s have worked with several cable logging contractors to develop a Hauler Production Diary. The new diary records individual drag details, along with practical information on time spent with rope shifts and downtime. The diary also provides the ability to track extraction system details, which can be useful to analyse at the end of each week. You can download a copy here or call the team and have a hard copy included in your next order.

New ACME for Rosewarne Logging

Colin and Shirley Rosewarne have put a new ACME carriage to work in the Avoca Forest in Northland. Colin is the second of the Rosewarne brothers to purchase a S28 ACME, which is working on their Thunderbird TMY 70. Crew foreman Budda says the boys on the hill have found the carriage simple and reliable to use, and are looking forward to tackling the tough Northland settings with the ACME. Colin originally intended to share the carriage between two crews, but looks like he will have his hands full getting it back from Buddha and the team.

ACME for the Havard Logging Team

Mike and Adrian Havard have a new ACME carriage at work in one of their Whitianga based operations. The ACME is working with their Thunderbird TMY70, and was purchased to minimize environmental disturbance around waterways and native vegetation (with reduced line shifts and versatile bridling capacity). It’s going great guns for Adrian. “The boys love it, the carriage is simple to operate, has improved our cycle times, and provides better clamping and bridling control than our previous carriage”.

Razorback ACME

Shane and Janice Humberstone from Razorback Logging have put NZs first ACME S10 to work in the East Cape of Gisborne. Shane is stoked with the carriage. “Mate, it’s a pumper. It does everything my previous carriage did, but 10 times better”. The lightweight ACME carriage is equipped with Fortronics auto-chokers, and is combining well with Razorbacks TMY40 hauler.

New ACME for Rosewarne Contracting

Lars & Fiona Rosewarne from Rosewarne Contracting Crew 60 have put a new ACME carriage to work in Waiomio Forest, Northland. The ACME was purchased primarily to minimise environmental disturbance around sensitive harvest areas. Jonny the crew foreman is happy with the carriage. “It gives the breakout team more options on the hill, and it’s good for bridling out a long way”. Pictured with Jonny, Mel, and Wayne from ACME.